Coursework Titles in Library

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August 2017 Courses

Browse the titles available in library as per the suggested reading list of your course. The courses which do not have any suggested reading list in syllabus, relevant titles available in library on the given subject area are listed as “(related title)“.


Inorganic Chemistry / Prof. M. Eswaramoorthy

Solid State Electronics / Prof. K.S. Narayan

Basics of Mathematics / Prof. Aloknath Chakrabarti

Introductory Organic Chemistry / Dr. Sarit Agasti

Physics of Materials / Prof. U. V. Waghmare


Behavioural Ecology / Dr. TNC Vidya
Advanced course in Molecular Ecology and Animal Behaviour / Dr. TNC Vidya
Introduction to Statistical Hypothesis Testing / Prof. A. Joshi & Dr. TNC Vidya
Population and Quantitative Genetics / Prof. A. Joshi
Advanced Chronobiology / Dr. Sheeba Vasu


Introductory Fluid Mechanics / Prof. Ganesh Subramanian

Applied Mathematics / Prof. Meheboob Alam

Heat Transport: From Atoms to Continuum / Prof. K.R. Sreenivas (related titles)



Basics in Immunology / Prof. Ranga Udaykumar (related titles)

Basic Biological Chemistry / Prof. Hemalatha Balaram

Advanced Chronobiology / Dr. Sheeba Vasu

Quantitative Tools for Biologists


Bioorganic Chemistry / Dr. Jayanta Haldar

Chemical and Synthetic Biology / Dr. T. Govindaraju

Physical Chemistry / Dr. Premkumar Senguttuvan

Molecular Structure and Spectrocopy / Dr. Kanishka Biswas

Energy and Environment / Dr. Kanishka Biswas and Dr. Sebastian C. Peter


Quantum Mechanics / Dr. Kavita Jain

Mathematical methods for Physicists / Dr. Meher Prakash

Mathematics / Prof. Aloknath Chakrabarthi

Computational Methods for Condensed Matter / Prof. Srikanth Sastry